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Seville Tower Fan Review - 2023 - 2024

Written by Ethan
Updated on December 29, 2022

Seville Tower Fan Review

When it comes to higher end tower fan models, bladeless fan designs seem to take the cake. They remain popular with the larger, luxury manufacturers and for good reason. However, a regular oscillating tower fan can still be a quality product when handled by a proper brand.

That is where Seville Classics enter, making an oscillating tower fan with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a serious, high end brand like them. 

Although not a bladeless design, it is clear that care has gone into Seville's design philosophy. With the Seville ultra slimline tilt tower fan having a sleek, modern design. 

Compared to products from brands like Dyson, Seville floor fans may not be the pinnacle of luxury you might expect. Especially when comparing price tags.

However, as far as standard tower fans go, Seville Classics are on the money. They take your classic fan, and just push it one step further. 

The Seville ultra slimline tilt tower fan is no different, capitalising on a well loved design plan to improve the customer experience just a little bit more. 

What Are Seville Known For?

Apart from the Seville Classics ultraslimline, Seville also makes all manner of household and domestic products. 

These mostly revolve around furniture and storage solutions, but also extend to the workplace. Mostly with heavy duty furnishings. 

Commercial and industrial shelving, heavy duty lockers, and a Seville Classics ultraslimline fan may not seem totally related, but they are. 

Seville certainly covers a decent market, using a variety of materials from metals to bamboo for their products. Most coming with a standard one year warranty. 

With thousands of product reviews, one trusted product review source like Trustpilot only gives them a 2.5 out of 5 rating. 

However, these largely stem from delivery issues, and some assembly difficulties. Not something you are likely to experience with a Seville Classics ultraslimline fan. 

Compared to other ineffective units, Seville provides products that offer remote storage space and fans which take up minimal floor space. Truly, they are a storage solution suitable for most consumers. 

Features of the Seville Ultra Slimline Tilt Tower Fan

So what's the best feature of the Seville ultra slimline tilt tower fan? What sets a fan from Seville Classics apart from other, cheaper tower fans for the floor?

Well, the answer is in the name! A Seville Classics ultra slimline can tilt, giving you an oscillating tower fan option with some control over elevation. 

As far as top-rated tower fans go, this innovation is yet to be seen adopted into the mainstream designs of a traditional unit. 

Seville Classics also pride themselves on the user experience, offering customers a five year warranty on their slimline fan range. 

While cheaper brands and models can have you worrying they might break down on the hottest day of the year, at least in case of an accident with Seville you can sort a replacement or refund. 

As you might expect from some higher end fan lines, Seville Classics also provides you with a user friendly remote control for your tilting floor fan, complete with control buttons. 

These little devices are a great way to have total control over degrees of oscillation, power output, and timer settings without moving or dropping what you're doing. 

If you do stand up though, Seville Classics' fans have a control panel with a small plastic cover. This is a great aesthetic choice, as you can hide all the buttons and fan speed settings neatly. 

Ever since the advent of tower fans, and their rising popularity in domestic and office settings, a variety of speed settings have been available. 

While most common models and brands will have you pushing buttons for pre-set settings for speed, Seville Classics do things a little differently. 

With a speed dial, this excellent tower fan lets you fine tune the wind modes and wind speed to exactly what you are looking for, much like a dimmer switch for your light fixtures. 

Some Seville Classics ultraslimline models also come with touch controls like fans of a higher price level and cost bracket, but still come at a competitive price. 

Benefits of a Seville Tower Fan

The Seville Classics - ultraslimline does come with a bonus feature than many might not expect, or even really put much thought into. 

What are these additional features? A broader base for stability of course! With a high end price, the last thing you want is a rickety plastic base.

With a Seville Classics ultraslimline, the wide base does everything you would want it to do. While cheaper brands than Seville Classics have bases that rattle with oscillation limitations, the Seville Classics ultraslimline is not one of them.

The base pieces do require some assembly, but being only two pieces make it quite easy to fit the whole Seville Classics ultraslimline together in the grand scheme of things. 

Another thing the Seville Classics ultraslimline has over a mediocre unit or middle range units, are the alternative modes available. 

While some brands do offer alternative modes, these are often limited to two or three wind modes rather than the small catalogue offered by the Seville Classics ultraslimline. 

Not only is there a night mode, where power rates slowly dwindle to the lowest speed to produce minimal noise, you can also get the normal mode. 

Normal wind mode is great thanks to the wide 95 degree oscillation range of the Seville Classics ultraslimline. An impressive oscillation to say the least!

Eco mode also has the best performance in noise levels, and the least audible noise. While white noise is still produced, it has the lowest noise levels on offer. 

Natural wind mode, combined with the wide degrees of oscillation and the waist height cooling power of this solid unit, more accurately emulates a natural breeze. 

Using less KWh units of power can also make the Seville Classics ultraslimline have a cheaper long term cost, and a lower cost per hour compared to other expensive models.

Downside of a Seville Tilt Tower Fan

The Seville Classics ultraslimline can be measured by one unit of success, and that is in terms of noise being produced by the fan. 

While white noise is a given when it comes to moving blades inside a tower fan, the background noise can be too much for some people. 

The low impact noise of the eco mode is lost on other settings, and upper speeds of 7 mph wind power can be very intense on the ears. 

While this is impressive power for the fan, keeping the power cool and preventing overheating is nearly impossible. 

Fast spinning blades get hot as they turn, and after seriously prolonged use you may find your Seville Classics ultraslimline fan blowing heated air your way. 

Thankfully the timer feature of the Seville Classics ultraslimline tilting fan can keep the model safe to use through the day, although breaks will be needed. 

Depending on the time of day, these time settings and breaks can become very annoying to deal with. Especially during hot summer afternoons. 

While the timing function is a necessity, it can be problematic.

Technical Specs of a Seville Ultra Slimline Fan

The Seville Classics ultraslimline is a 32 inch tall tower fan, and the thin design means that it doesn't end up taking up all the space in your living room or study. 

32 inches tall is also an ideal height to help spread cool air through the room or towards yourself, especially with the tilting mechanism. 

The Seville fan range is powered by mains electricity, meaning you will have to deal with a power cord. For those with small children and pets, this may be a trip hazard. 

The impressive strength of a Seville ultra slimline tilt tower fan puts middle of the road oscillation fans to shame, especially their poor airflow power. 

Our Product Review

So is the Seville ultra slimline tilt tower fan worth the asking price? Is it a quality and luxury product on the same level as Dyson and De Longhi?

We would say yes, although it is far from being a perfect model of tower fan. However, it is certainly better than your average brand.

Ultra slimlines save energy by incorporating digital controls that allow you to set the desired temperature.

There is also the eco mode setting that saves even more power by shutting off after 30 minutes of inactivity, helping you save money and power if your forget to turn it off.

The compact size of these popular fans makes it easy to place them anywhere in your home without taking up valuable physical space.

Seville fans are quiet and efficient devices perfect for small bedrooms or offices where space is at a premium or power conservation is important.

Picking one up will instantly improve the air quality in your home while saving you time and money on utility bills! 

These compact fans are ideal for reducing noise levels as they create less noise while running, when compared to lower end models and brands. 

With quiet operation and high air flow, ultra slimline models can keep you cool all night long, while still being compact and portable in size. 

Seville offers a wide range of ultra slimline tower fan models, including oscillating, and non-oscillating versions. However, the oscillation and tilt features are really what sets this fan apart.

While oscillation is a modern standard, the ability to tilt and elevate your fan for a more desirable effect on room cooling make Seville Classics the brand to be looking out for. 

Although some of Seville Classics' products do not get the best reviews, the Seville ultra slimline tilt tower fan is often highly regarded. Even by us!


Heya'll Im Ethan, I run TowerFanReviews.UK. By trade an Electrical Engineer, an owner of a fan shop. Always being asked about my recommendations for tower fans, I created this site. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out :)
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