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Dyson Pure Cool Tower Fan Review - 2023 - 2024

Written by Ethan
Updated on December 29, 2022

Dyson Pure Cool Tower Fan Review

Founded by British inventor James Dyson, the multinational corporation of Dyson is now based in Singapore. From there, they provide home appliances and other electronic goods to markets across the globe. 

One of many products is the Dyson pure cool tower fan, a bladeless and innovative attempt to resolve the dreaded British summer heat. 

With heat waves in recent memory, you may be excited to hear about such a high end and modern product, as Dyson continues to push the envelope of invention and practicality. 

It should be noted however, that being so ahead of its time and cutting edge does lend Dyson fan products to being luxury products with a price tag to reflect just that. 

However, an expensive product is usually a quality product, and being such an internationally recognised brand you would hope Dyson's reputation for building reliable and versatile appliances endures with their fans. 

So how do these hopes hold up? Is aDyson pure cool fan worth the price? Is it as good as any of the other, more famous Dyson products?

What is Dyson Best Known For?

Dyson really hit their stride not by making fans, but rather by making other household appliances vital for domestic life. 

By improving the quality of life for home owners everywhere, Dyson was able to build a global empire in many markets, making plenty of money on the way. 

It all started with a vacuum cleaner. That's right, a way of clearing hairs and dust and other assorted rubbish from your rugs and carpets made a global company as large as it is now. 

Dyson's product and deisgn philosophy was simple: make quality products that are reliable, and make products which improve the customer use experience. 

Cordless vacuums, detachable vacuums, and powerful cyclone technology all improved the otherwise dull and tedious chore that was vacuuming the carpets of your home. 

Easy filter replacement was also a key design advancement, stopping unwanted messes when emptying your vacuum for the next clean. 

Branching out into hair care as well, Dyson have captured the market for all kinds of hair and beauty products. From straighteners and curlers, to hair dryers and hair styling guides. 

Lighting has also come into Dyson's vast catalogue of developments, and air treatment is perhaps the most pivotal to the product in question today. 

Improving air quality can be done in a number of ways, depending on the treatment needed. A humid environment can be cooled and chilled, a less fresh climate can be improved with air filtration. 

The Dyson pure cool, as well as other products like the Dyson cool am07 tower fan and Dyson purifying tower fan are also integral to improving air quality and features. 

However, we aren't discussing the Dyson am07 tower fan in this review, and instead we'll continue to look at the dyson pure cool tower's dual-function as an air filter and a fan.

Unique Features of the Dyson Pure Cool Fan

So what really sets apart a Dyson pure cool tower fan from the competition? Surely all fans do the exact same thing; they all blow cold air around a room to cool you down. 

While that may be true for your average tower fan, Dyson have always been known to go above and beyond when it comes to not just finding the most cutting edge tech, but designing it themselves.

The Dyson pure cool tower fan is both a fan and air purifier at the same time. Keeping your air both cool, but also fresh at the same time. 

Tower fans by Dyson are fully equipped with a carbon filter, helping to keep the indoor air quality decently high whilst it is on. 

However, this filter doesn't just stop carbon, but other volatile organic compounds. These compounds include nitrogen dioxide, and other gaseous pollutants found in the air. 

Keeping the level of pollutants inhaled to a minimum is a great way to improve respiratory health, especially in a world filled with climate change and pollutants even outdoors. 

While most high end tower fans can have a remote control included, Dyson takes this idea one step further with their Dyson Link app. 

The Dyson Link app allows you to access all manner of Dyson products from your phone, affecting them remotely to save you the effort of stopping what you are doing to change their settings.

Benefits of the Dyson Pure Cool Tower Fan

As a luxury tower fan, Dyson does provide a number of smart features to their users. More than just the sleek, bladeless design. 

One of the smart features of the Dyson pure cool tower fan is the magnetic remote control that it comes packaged with. 

That's right, as if the Dyson Link app wasn't enough! You can also use a remote control to set fan speed, air quality metrics, and even the air movement. 

The Dysonian design of the Dyson pure cool tower fan makes it ideal, with several different pre-arranged settings and modes for you to choose from. 

From the LCD screen display, you can easily select the night mode. This will begin on your usual settings, but over time gradually slow and reduce in power. 

This is great for those warm summer nights, as background noise slowly dwindles while you get to enjoy a comfortable and cool night of sleep. 

An auto mode is also available, selecting the right fan speed without any further input by detecting the air quality levels and temperature. 

You don't even have to touch the LCD screen or app! The fan is perfectly capable of keeping the air quality optimal even without the app enabled features.

Automation features are not basic features, and you'll struggle to find such a cool feature (pun intended) on other, cheaper tower fan brands. 

If the sleep mode isn't for you, the eco mode might be instead. Designed to be a more efficient and effective air purifier, the Dyson pure cool tower fan operates at lower settings on its own.

Using the carbon filter layer and automatic air purification features (which check air quality history to detect a drop in air quality), both the eco mode and sleep mode are solid choices.

An accurate mode is also available, which was not a part of the previous model. This is a specific and targeting direction of air flow from the fan, enabled even more by app control. 

Downsides to the Dyson Pure Cool

So what could possibly be wrong with such a quality product? Surely this cooler model is superior to the previous models as they give complete control over ambient room temperature and a dual purpose design?

Well, the bladeless fan design isn't enough to offset the main concern: Dyson's pricing. This Dyson tower cooling fan can seem insanely overpriced. 

At a crazy near £500 asking price, it is a significant investment! Especially when you can buy a basic mid-range air purifier and a tower fan for far cheaper. 

Dyson's great looking air purifier also has a decently bulky design, and the modern aesthetic of it isn't for everyone. It can stick out in your home, more so than your average tower fan. 

Claims about air purifiers are also rather hit and miss. Some say they will clean your lungs, and others promise to rid you of dry skin. 

The argument over air purifiers is one thing, but for this domestic air purifier and fan from Dyson to also have you replace an entire filter? That's too much.

Especially when the replacement for an entire filter can tack on an additional £50 fee, making the cost of filter replacements an additional concern. 

Dyson's HEPA certified filter is also the only compatible one you can use, as dyson's now-distinctive bladeless design won't accept you fitting anything else into it. 

For many, a desk fan and a cheaper model purifier from other air purifier manufacturers can do the same job, for far less of a dent to your wallet. 

In fact, you could even get a Dyson cool am07 tower fan for a few hundred quid less, for most of the same benefits! 

As far as looking for a basic fan, some features of the Dyson pure cool tower fan can seem unnecessary and excessive. For example, the color coded air quality score.

A color coded air quality score is one of many air quality reports the Dyson pure cool tower fan provides, letting you know a current air quality reading. 

However, if you set an air quality target, do you really need to worry about air quality progress? Worry about the air quality graph spikes displaying on a small LCD screen?

The aspect of picture quality is also another area where Dyson loses out. The small display size and resolution can make reading the fancy readings hard on your eyes. 

Other Specs for the Dyson Pure Cool Tower Fan

So you have a Dyson pure cool review covering the pros and cons, but let's get a little more technical. That's right, we're talking about the air multiplier.

Dyson's "Air Multiplier" mimics fan blades on a Dyson Link tower. The Dyson pure cool tower fan is no different in this regard. 

The distinctive bladeless loop design  has an air multiplier to take in large amounts of air, allowing you direct control to the ambient temperature.

However, doing this does come with its own set of drawbacks, and a whole new can of worms. Moving such large volumes of air means very little of it gets cleaned. 

If you want to control odours or air quality, then this tech is fundamentally useless to you, and to Dyson's dual function design. 

Getting a decent temperature by changing the airflow rate is thankfully not that complicated, and is easy even on the lowest setting of your fan. 

Changing airflow rate and airflow direction is nothing unique to Dyson though, and many luxury high end fans will offer this. 

The airflow rate change will reduce the cleaning of air pollutants, so be careful when using it with a cool air setting. 

How Powerful is the Dyson Pure Cool Tower Fan?

Even on the lowest setting, the Dyson pure cool tower fan can be quite a powerful piece of equipment when compared to other, similar fans

While lower end fans can't always change the direction of airflow, a 7-10 settings will still be decent enough to keep you cool for short periods of time, granted this is with constant noise. 

The Dyson pure cool tower fan uses 63 watts of power, and 230 volts. Compared to the 35 watts and 220 volts of an acoolir fan, it's clear that the Dyson pure cool fan is more powerful. 

Not to mention chemical cleaners in the Dyson pure cool tower fan will remove harsh chemicals from the air, provide a breakdown of temperature, and display the current humidity. 

At a minimum speed, the constant noise generated by a Dyson fan is minimal when compared to the competition, and the removal of airborne particulate matter is always a bonus to your health. 

A Dyson air blade is ideal for asthma sufferers, since removing particulate matter will improve respiratory health and the risk of chemical contamination from harsh chemicals in the air. 

Those with allergy symptoms can benefit as well, not just asthma sufferers. The Dyson pure cool tower fan is totally allergy friendly!

If you have hay fever, removing pollen from the air can do wonders, just like the Dyson pure cool tower fan can help reduce the risk of asthma attacks. 

How Does a Bladeless Fan Work?

A bladeless fan works by having no moving parts and uses the properties of air pushing and gravity pulling simultaneously.

Air moves through a bladeless fan’s dome by passing through openings, creating pockets of slow-moving air inside the dome. 

For Dyson, this means creating a vacuum of space where air desperately tries to fill, before being expelled and sent around a room which needs to be cooled.

Unlike traditional fans, which have permanent blades that rotate, a bladeless fan does not move at all since it has no moving parts. Therefore, it can run continuously without causing as much noise as traditional fans do. 

Our Review

So, is the Dyson pure cool tower fan worth the ridiculous asking price? Is it really a luxury item marketed as such?

In our opinion, the answer has to be a firm no. Unless you are a tech savvy lover of all the latest glitz and glam of the new cutting edge, the Dyson pure cool tower fan is rather impractical. 

The price tag, along with the price of fresh filters to be installed into your Dyson fan, make it uneconomical to own a fan like this. 

A quality minimum speed, a circular LCD screen, and CFM airflow specs are all neat additions, but not exactly fundamental to the product. 

You could easily get a similar enough experience for far cheaper, simply by buying your fan and air purifier separately. They don't even need to be super cheap, just two middle range brands will do you fine. 

If you want dual functionality, you should look at fans which also act as heaters rather than the Dyson pure cool tower fan, which can;t do much on days with cooler temperatures. 


Heya'll Im Ethan, I run TowerFanReviews.UK. By trade an Electrical Engineer, an owner of a fan shop. Always being asked about my recommendations for tower fans, I created this site. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out :)
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