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Mylek Tower Fan Review - Is It Worth The Money In 2023 - 2024?

Written by sam
Updated on December 29, 2022

The Mylek Tower Fan - Should You Get It?

For people who are looking for a stylish modern tower fan that doesn't break the bank, this Mylek black tower fan could be a great choice. Not only is the tower fan attractive, but its power and speed are great for cooling and its height is suitable for cooling wider spaces as well as small ones.

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So to see if this Mylek tower fan is right for you, we have reviewed its most important features down below and gone over its pros and cons to determine if this fan is the best model for cooling you down this summer.

Main Features Of The Mylek Tower Fan

From an eco-friendly power system to variable speed modes, this affordable Mylek tower fan boasts a great range of features and functionality to use when operating this tower fan.

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We have reviewed the main ones below and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Power & Speed Settings

First off, let's start with the Mylek tower fans power, the device comes with a 60W power consumption and uses three variable speeds for airflow, it additionally has an oscillation function to rotate the fan, but can also be used stationary if wished. When functioning the fan you can also pair it with its ionizer function which helps to purify the air by releasing negative ions into the air to weigh bad particles down and prevent them from being inhaled.

What We Think

We are overall impressed by the power this affordable Mylek tower fan has for its price, the model is not costly to run and still has some great power settings, including its extra ionizing function which is great for people with allergies.

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However, the power is reported by some users to be weak for larger spaces, it also has a lack of speed options and breeze modes.


In terms of adjustability, the tower fan has 12 timer settings to choose from depending on when you want your tower fan to operate and turn off during the day. It also has an easy to use onboard control panel and remote control if you want to adjust settings from a distance. The tower fan further has night modes for turning off the display.

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What We Think

The timer function included with this Mylek model is very generous and the whole device is very easy to operate thanks to its remote control and panel, the night mode however is said to turn the LED screen back on brightly once it expires.


For design, the Mylek tower fan comes in a tall sleek black design and has a low noise system as well as an LED display to view settings on. Its bladeless design is also freestanding and weighs around 5.6kg.

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What We Think

This models design is standard for its price and has a useful simple to use LED display, however, the design is quite heavy which makes the tower fan much less portable, the design is also said to be quite unattractive by some users.

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Pros & Cons Of The Mylek Tower Fan

The Mylek tower fan has a huge range of advantages and great features however it equally has its disadvantages too, we have summarised the pros and cons of this tower fan below.

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Pros Of The Mylek Tower Fan

Highlights of the Mylek tower fan are its low price, ionizer function and timer functions, this tower fan additionally has an easy to operate control system which can be adjusted via its touch buttons or remote control from a distance. We also like the height of this model which helps with wider airflow.

The design of this Mylek tower fan is also very safe to use around children thanks to its bladeless system.

  • Affordable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Ionizer function.
  • 12-hour timer.
  • Remote control.
  • LED display.
  • Bladeless.

  • Keep cool anywhere, from the home to the office, with this stunning tower fan. A tall, slim tower fan with no exposed blades, this fan is a modern, minimalist design that looks equally at home in domestic and business environments.
  • This black energy efficient tower fan comes with a massive range of features to help you stay cool when you need it most. Choose between three speed settings and a stationary or oscillating (rotating) mode to get the airflow just the way you like it. It even has a timer function with 12 settings, allowing you to turn the fan on and off automatically according to your schedule.
  • Negative ions are the things that make fresh air feel fresh – they commonly occur in large numbers just before a rainstorm or out at sea, giving you a refreshing feeling and boosting your mood. This tower fan includes an ioniser function which allows you to add negative ions to the air inside your room, creating a refreshingly natural-feeling breeze.
  • You can control your tower fan using the onboard control panel or the included remote control. All of the features are easy to use even for someone unfamiliar with technology. The simple LED display makes it easy for you to check how your fan’s performing.
  • With an incredibly quiet operation and a night mode which lets you turn off the LED display, this is the perfect fan to use in your bedroom through the night. Don’t get heated over your energy bills – this fan uses just 60W of power, meaning it’s incredibly eco-friendly to run. This means you can use it all day in the office or all night in the bedroom without having to worry about spending a fortune on your energy bills!

Cons Of The Mylek Tower Fan

When it comes to cons, this Mylek tower fan does have its drawbacks, for example, the device is very heavy which makes it harder to move from room to room, its sleep timer also reverts the display to full brightness when it expires which can be disturbing. Some users have also said the fan has a weak airflow so it might not be the best option to use in wider spaces.

  • Very heavy.
  • The display goes back to full brightness after the timer.
  • Weak airflow.

  • MYLEK 48" Quiet Cooling Tower Fan with Remote Control, Ioniser, 12 Timer, and 3 Cooling Speed Settings, Energy Efficient - Black

Should I Buy The Mylek Quiet Cooling Tower Fan?

Overall, we would recommend buying the Mylek quiet cooling tower fan if you are on a budget and want a tower fan that has good cooling modes for a medium-sized room as well as an air purifier function to clean the air. We would avoid this tower fan however if you want a portable model that you can move from room to room due to its heavyweight.

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