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Why Is My Tower Fan Making Noise / Rattling? Find Out Here!

Written by Ethan
Updated on May 9, 2023

Common Tower Fan Issues

Tower fans are great additions to our homes. They help cool down your home during hot summer days.

But sometimes, these fans make loud noises, which can be bothersome. 

Basically, tower fans make motor noises because they aren't working properly.

In this article, we'll go over the common issues of tower fans and how to fix them. 


Why Is My Tower Fan Making Noise?

Loose Fan Blades

Loose fan blades are a common problem with many types of fans.

Loosening of the blades can be caused by several factors, including improper maintenance, excessive use, and poor design.

If you've been using your tower fan for a while and the noise just started recently, it may be due to dust. It's normal. It could happen over time as dust accumulation is inevitable for fans. 

The dust can go in between the system responsible for the fan blades and cause misalignment of parts like the bearing bracket, causing irritating noises.


Clean your tower fan and clean blades regularly. It may fix the rattling noise. 

Depending on your tower fan's model, you may or may not need to open the appliance. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions about this. 

You can clean a tower fan using a vacuum with a brush attachment and a can of compressed air. 

You can also put some grease or motor lubricant on the fan bearing to improve its performance. Locate them or use the manufacturer's instructions to know where they are. They are usually colour silver or black rings that can be seen right above the blades. 

Loosened Front Grill

Loosening of front grills is another common cause of rattling noises in tower fans. 

The screw holding the front grills may loosen over time. It could just be because of the fan's vibrations, moving the fan around, accidentally dropping the fan, or the fan falling.

If you opened your tower fan recently for any reason, some screws might not have been screwed tight enough, or maybe some screw we lost in the process of disassembling the tower fan. 


Check all the screws on the front grill of your tower fan. Better yet, just tighten all the screws you can find. Check all the other screws on the casing of the tower fan as well.

Other Common Tower Fan Issues

Tower Fan Overheating

The most common reason is dust buildup inside the fan. Dust builds up when there isn't enough airflow through the fan. To prevent this, clean out the fan regularly. Also, keep the fan away from heat sources, such as radiators, vents, and fans.

Another possible cause is a bad power source. Make sure the power supply is plugged directly and properly into the wall socket.

Overheating may also be caused by malfunction or damage in the internal system or motor of the tower fan.


Overheating appliances can be dangerous because they can cause fires. Newer models of tower fans rarely overheat, but if it happens, the best option is to have a professional see your appliance.

Tower Fan Not Blowing Air

Most fans come with instructions to clean out the filter every month or two. But most people never bother to do this because they assume that the fan will work fine until it stops working. 

When the fan seems to be turned on and working but doesn't blow air, there are several possible causes, including clogged vents, dirty blades, and blocked airflow. 


The most probable reason that your fan is working but not blowing air is that its vent and other air paths are blocked by dust or other particles. So to fix it, thoroughly clean your tower fan. 

Tower Fan Stopped Working

When the tower fan stops running, there are three common possible causes:

1) the fan motor overheated and was damaged

2) the fan blade(s) became stuck and stopped working

3) there is a problem with the cord or plug

It could be caused by other malfunctions or damages too.


If the issue with your tower fan is that it stopped working, it's best to let a professional handle it. 

How To Prevent Having A Loud Tower Fan?

There are many things you can do to keep your fans quiet and well-performing.

Here are some tips to help you avoid noisy fans:

• Keep the blades clean. Dust buildup on the blades causes them to misalign, creating noise when they move.

• Make sure the motor is well lubricated.

• Change the filter regularly.

• Turn off the fan when not needed.

Final Words

Tower fans are useful, but they aren't cheap. So, it's best that we keep them well maintained to avoid any issues such as loud noises. Keeping proper tower fan maintenance will also make them last longer so we can make the most out of our purchase.

Hope this article helped. See you in another one!


Heya'll Im Ethan, I run TowerFanReviews.UK. By trade an Electrical Engineer, an owner of a fan shop. Always being asked about my recommendations for tower fans, I created this site. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out :)
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