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Quiet Tower Fan With Remote Reviews 2019 - 2020

Written by Ethan
Updated on July 3, 2021
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Top 5 Tower Fans With Remote

When the weather's hot and you want to get some cooling air in the house, you want something that is going to efficiently cool the air while also look elegant. Cooling tower fans can do just that and also be worked by remote control. Here is a list of the top five cooling tower fans around at the moment.

Deluxe Quality Dimplex Mont Blanc Review - Our Number 1

Deluxe Quality Dimplex Mont Blanc Cooling

This tower fan from Dimplex is very elegant in its design. Its tall but slim profile means it can fit in anywhere, even when there is limited space. The build quality of Dimplex products is good and it should give many hours reliable service. Here are some other reasons it made number one.

  • Strong and reliable design that is slim and elegant.
  • Fully remote controlled so you can set the fan from across the room. Ideal for those who have limited mobility.
  • Easy to use controls and simple operation make it great for those who can’t use complicated controls.

A lovely feature packed tower fan that is easy to use and has a sound build quality. You can have this fan in your home or office and it won’t take up any space. This great product from Dimplex is at number one.


Futura 45” Tower Fan with Remote Control Review - Number 2

Futura 45- Tower Fan

The Futura 45” Tower Fan is a nice looking but also practical fan that can cool a room efficiently. It has a number of features that give it a premium quality feel and also has a remote control. Let us look at some of the other features.

  • It has an impressive oscillating feature that can turn up to 90 degrees. This means it can reach almost any part of a room.
  • There are three speed controls – Low, Medium and High, for added flexibility and comfort.
  • The easy to read digital display shows the room temperature as well as the current settings of the fan.
  • A timer function of between 1 to 12 hours is a great addition and lets you have cooling air when you need it.

This tower fan is very versatile and packed with many useful features. It has a great design that will look good in any room in the house. It isn’t just pretty to look at though, it’s also efficient and cost effective.

Prem-I-Air Elite Plus Slimline Tower Fan Review - Number 3

Prem-I-Air Elite Plus Slimline Tower Fan

The Prem-I-Air Elite plus Tower Fan lives up to its name. It is a very slim product that has a lot of power and functionality built in. Although it has an LED display, it is simple enough to use that it won’t cause a problem. Take a look at some of the features that made it number three.

  • The slim line design is very portable and can be transported into any room in the house. It will also fit in to any room décor.
  • A 7 hour timer function is great if you want the fan to come on of stop at a certain time. A feature that is more useful than you might imagine.
  • There is a far reaching oscillation feature and 3 speed settings so you can get that cooling breeze anywhere in the room.
  • The touch LED display shows the current function of the fan and the timer settings if used.

It is easy to see why the Prem-I-Air Elite Plus tower fan has made it way to number three. It has a lovely looking design and is portable enough to be used in any room. A worthy addition to the list of tower fans.

SLIM Tower Fan Review - Number 4

SLIM Tower Fan

It may be slim and light, but this tower can really does pack in the features. It has all the elements you would expect in a tower fan, but in a smaller size. Take a look at some of the products other features.

  • Good build quality, made with ABS plastic for strength and durability. The look however is of a premium product that has an elegant design.
  • Three fan speeds and an oscillating function ensure that the air is circulated all-round the room.
  • There is a choice of modes available including a sleep mode and a 7 and a half hour timer. Ideal if you want to use the fan at night.
  • The 40 watt fan is powerful enough to cool a room easily in a short space of time. But it is quiet enough not to be a disturbance.

The SLIM Tower Fan would make a great addition to the home or office. It is high power yet low energy and offers a number of settings and features. It is because of these impressive elements that it has made its way to number four.

Mylek 37” Remote Control Oscillating Tower Fan Review - Number 5

Mylek 37- Remote Control Oscillating Tower Fan

The Mylek 37” Tower Fan is not as tall as some of the other tower fans around, which can be an advantage. It can fit into areas that taller fans cannot, and takes up less space. Here are some of the other features of the Mylek.

  • The unit comes with a built in ioniser to freshen the air as well as circulating it. Great if you have lingering odours.
  • A 7 hour timer function enables the fan to be programmed to start or stop at a certain time.
  • There is an oscillating feature that can move the air around the room to keep the whole area cool.
  • Three speed settings gives great versatility and means you can have a nice slow breeze around the room to keep it cool.

This tower fan has a number of useful elements that make it a great product and worthy of fifth place on the list. The addition of the built in ioniser is something that will appeal to many people.


The top spot on the list is for the Dimplex Mont Blanc Cooling Tower Fan. It is a very stylish fan with a number of useful features. With its powerful fan and energy efficiency, you can get a long service from this fan.


Heya'll Im Ethan, I run TowerFanReviews.UK. By trade an Electrical Engineer, an owner of a fan shop. Always being asked about my recommendations for tower fans, I created this site. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out :)
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