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Ocean Loong Fan Review - Worth Your Money In 2023 - 2024?

Written by sam
Updated on December 29, 2022

The Ocean Loong AB09 Bladeless Heater Fan - Should You Get It?

If you are looking for a tower fan that doesn't just cool your room, but also heats it and comes with multiple functions for adjustment and control, you should try checking out this Ocean Loong bladeless heater fan.

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Due to all the extra features this Ocean Loong tower fan comes with, its price is mid-range, so to see whether or not this model is worth the investment, we have reviewed all its top features below and listed its pros and cons too to help you decide.

Main Features Of The Ocean Loong Tower Fan

From a cooling system to a heater and a variety of safety features, this Ocean Loong fan does not fall short when it comes to having a good range of functions, making its higher price great value for money and the right fan if you are looking for a long-term device to stay in your home during the summer and winter months.

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We have gone into some more detail and reviewed each specific feature of this tower fan below.

Power & Speed Settings

In terms of power, let's start with the cooling system of this tower fan. The cooling fan comes with an eco-friendly 35W of power and has ten different speeds to choose from for its powerful airflow. It also has a 120-degree oscillation and uses a 230V power source.

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The model from Ocean Loong additionally comes with a 1950W heating system for rooms up to sizes of 10-25m2 in as little as three seconds, it also has three different heat settings to choose from and can work as a dehumidifier to dry clothes too.

What We Think

This Ocean Loong tower fan does come with some impressive power features, unlike other typical tower fans on the market, the model not only has a high efficiency cooling system but also a heating option which makes the fan a great investment for summer as well as winter.

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We also think the oscillation included with this fan is great for cooling wide areas and its variety of speed settings allow you to have even better control over the device.

The power on the lower setting however is said to be limited in terms of airflow, so some settings might not be of much use on the device, the fan is also reported to be a little noisy. We think some breeze modes or night modes could have been a great addition for the higher price too.


This Ocean Loong tower fan comes with a 1-9 hour sleep timer which allows you to set the fan to work at specific different times, it also uses an intelligent thermostat to adjust the temperature according to the room that the tower fan is in. All these settings can be adjusted by the tower fans remote.

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What We Think

For adjustability, this tower fan has a great timer range and easy to use controls, whether you want to change the speed via its remote or one-touch buttons, its thermostat is also a great addition.

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Downfalls however have to be it's remote which has been said by some users to have poor connectivity and not work sometimes.


Design-wise, the tower fan by Ocean Loong has a very similar appearance to the Dyson air fan, its model comes with a grey and silver colour and has a total height of 33.5-inches as well as a weight of 4.7kg.

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The design also includes very important safety features such as tip over and overheat protection, it is made out of strong ABS material too and it has a low noise level of 25dB.

What We Think

This Ocean Loong model has a very sleek design and excellent safety features if you plan to use the fan around pets and children, the low noise level of design also makes the fan great to operate at night in the bedroom without disturbance.

Despite it having a low dB rating, this tower fan is reported to be quite loud, so might not be the best option as a nighttime fan.

Pros & Cons Of The Ocean Loong Tower Fan

Even though the Ocean Loong bladeless heater fan has a huge range of functions, it does still come with its drawbacks which should be considered before buying this mid-range model.

We have summarised these pros and cons below to help with your decision.

Pros Of The Ocean Loong Tower Fan

Notable positives of the Ocean Loong tower fan have to be its heater function and great range of variable speed settings which offer you lots of control over the fan. The model also has a great degree of oscillation for cooling wider spaces along with a generous sleep timer range.

  • Heater function.
  • Great sleep timer.
  • Lots of speed settings.
  • Wide oscillation.
  • Thermostat.
  • Sleek design.
1950W Ceramic Heater Fan, 33.5 inch Electric Heater,10 Speeds & 9 Hours Timer, 120 ° Oscillating Bladeless Fan, with Remote Control, Air Circulator Fan for Room
  • {All Year-round use}: Quickly heats the room10~25㎡ in winter and cools you in warm weather with powerful fan.It heats in 3s and warms the room quickly with 3 heating setting.It can be used as a dehumidifier and clothes dryer during the rainy season.Enjoy the warm, clean and comfortable nature air all year round.
  • {Safety Protection}: *Tip-over and heat-over protection will automatically shut off the fan when they were activated.*No exposed heating elements and no dust burning smell. No fast spinning blades for small fingers and paws.*Heat and Flame resistance ABS materials of Fan body with the max 262℉ of ceramic heating elements keeps the heater no burning.
  • {Energy Efficient}: *The Ceramic elements has high conversion of heating and quickly heats in 3s. So that the fan supplys stable and constant warm airflow to comfort you. *Intelligent thermostat monitors and maintains the room at 77-86℉.So there is no wasted energy. 1~10 fan speeds of cool mode power is only 35W max, Energy Efficiency Grade 1 .
  • { Intelligent and Comfort }: Very quiet in Low setting.1~9hs sleep timer. 120° wide spread Oscillation and Long-range powerful airflow. 77-86℉ intelligent heating control.
  • Note: Fan will keep working for 45seconds after turning off to cool down the heating element . 1 year warranty. This Fan is not intended for use in wet or damp locations.

Cons Of The Ocean Loong Tower Fan

Although this Ocean Loong fan is great it does create noise when used on its highest settings. The model is further very expensive and has bad connectivity from its remote control. We also think for the price this fan could have some better sleep and night modes included.

  • Expensive.
  • Bad remote connectivity.
  • No night or sleep modes.

  • 1950W Ceramic Heater Fan, 33.5 inch Electric Heater,10 Speeds & 9 Hours Timer, 120 ° Oscillating Bladeless Fan, with Remote Control, Air Circulator Fan for Room

Should I Buy The Ocean Loong Tower Fan?

Overall, for people who want a reliable modern tower fan that is multi-functional and has great airflow, we would recommend this Ocean Loong tower fan, if you are on a budget however and want a fan especially for the night, it might be better to consider a quieter model.

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