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Dimplex Mont Blanc Cooling Fan Review 2023 - 2024

Written by sam
Updated on December 29, 2022

 Dimplex Mont Blanc Cooling Fan Review

DimplexSummer is here and we all know what that means. The weather is warmer, the days are longer and you can finally dust off the barbeque! Unfortunately, the downside to warm weather is that it gets warmer in the home as well, and this can make staying inside really uncomfortable and sleep nearly impossible. No one likes a muggy and stuffy house, and unfortunately, that’s what summer gives you for months on end. You don’t have to suffer in silence, however, because an inexpensive and convenient fan could be the solution to all your overheating problems.

There are loads of different electric fans on the market and it can be hard to choose which fan you want. You may be tempted to rush down to the nearest supermarket and buy the first big fan you see, but it’s not the best idea as the fan you end up with might not be worth the money. It’s great that you’re researching fans online first because if you shop around a little bit you’ll end up with much more and likely end up spending less!

This is an in-depth review of the Dimplex Mont Blanc Cooling Fan, and in this review, you’ll learn about all the different features and what the Dimplex can offer you as well as what you should expect from other comparable fans.

Tower Fan

The Dimplex Mont Blanc (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is a tower fan. This means that it is long and thin rather than wide and circular. Tower fans are a good choice for rooms with limited space and/or smaller areas as they can easily fit into a corner without taking up too much space. These fans are often slightly futuristic looking and tend to have sleek, metallic and monochrome looks which are more aesthetically pleasing than regular pedestal fans, and the Mont Blanc features a ‘pen-like’ design which is as attractive as it is slim and convenient.

  • Dimplex DXMBCF Mont Blanc Cooling Fan


The Mont Blanc fan is lightweight and only weighs 3.14 kg! This also comes with a carry handle so you can easily carry it around the house and move it from room to room so no matter where you are you won’t overheat! This fan also comes with a 1.8m power cord so you have more flexibility in regards to the location of the fan. The Mont Blanc fan is suitable for any room in the house including your living room and bedroom. This fan has a small base which can easily fit in even the smallest corner.

LED Display & Remote Control

The Dimplex Mont Blanc comes with a user-friendly LED display which makes it easier to control the fan and select the settings that you want. This fan also comes with a remote control (which comes with free batteries!) so you can control the fan without having to move at all! The remote control will especially come in handy at night if you want to adjust the temperature without getting out of bed, but it will generally appeal to anyone who is looking for convenience.

Oscillation Function

The Dimplex Mont Blanc comes with a 70-degree oscillation function. Oscillation fans rotate from side to side so they can distribute air more equally rather than continuously blowing air in the same direction. This function will allow the fan to cool a larger portion of the room so you can really feel the fan working.

Timer & Mechanisms

The Dimplex Mont Blanc fan has an eight-hour timer which you can set in advance and then enjoy the cooling effect with none of the stress! This fan uses directional louvers instead of moving blades so it won’t end up distracting you.

Speed Settings

The Dimplex Mont Blanc fan comes with three-speed settings which will let you control the airflow and adjust it to suit your needs. If you’ve just come home and you’re really hot you can turn the fans speed up all the way and cool down quickly, and then if you start to feel a bit cold you can turn the speed down and enjoy a nice gentle breeze.


The Dimplex Mont Blanc fan comes with a one year guarantee. This will help you buy in confidence as it guarantees support and even a refund/exchange if there are any problems with your fan.


Features: Sleek Tower Fan – Lightweight – LED Display – Remote Control With Batteries – 70 Degree Oscillation – Eight Hour Timer – Three Speed Settings – One Year Guarantee.

Pricing: Mid-Range/Affordable.

Dimplex DXMBCF Mont Blanc Cooling Fan
  • Choice of three fan speed settings
  • Oscillating function: 78
  • Eight hour run-back timer
  • LED Display
  • Remote control
  • One year guarantee

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