How Do Tower Fans Work? Our Detailed Guide

How Do Tower Fans Work? Our Guide To Keeping You Cool

Tower fans have long since been the answer to the clunky and outdated box fan of the past. Their sleek designs and built-in tech features put the power into the consumer’s hand, allowing you to be in control of your home and comfort.

How do they work?

Dimplex Mont BlancStandard box fans simply churn out cooler air by oscillating the fans in its interior in one direction, leading to a narrow air flow. Tower fans, on the other hand, contain impeller blades in their cylinders which pull air into the column and push it out of vents. These impeller blades are spread across the column of the tower fan and actively control air flow, resulting cool air spread over a much wider span.

One glance at a tower fan and it appears completely idle. This may be a little confusing – how is this device delivering cool air without obviously moving blades such as in traditional box fans? The answer lies hidden in the depths of the column, which actually contain asymmetrically arranged blades that expertly pull and push air by the second at a 90-degree angle, all without making a sound.

Tower fans may also incorporate a pre-filter and HEPA filter. Pre-filters work to extract larger particles from the air during the circulation process, making it easy to keep your device clean and free from dust and lint. HEPA filters filter much smaller particles out of the circulating air, including allergens, thus making your space a more comfortable and much safer place. These filters can now be found built into newer vacuum cleaners and have the benefit of being long lasting and easy to clean.

Another way many tower fans further clean your air is by using ionizers. These work by sending electrical currents through the air during the pulling/pushing process in the blades. These currents cause an ionic reaction which extracts pollutants out of the air. In this way, tower fans are purifying the air you breathe while also keeping you cool.

The final component, the exhaust, forces air back into the same room it was extracted from. This has the dual purpose of further cooling the room while also pushing much cleaner air in. This further makes the air in the room much safer and fresher to breathe, void of dust and potentially harmful pollutants.

Tower fans also allow for greater control. In addition to on and off switches that are found on a host of other electronic devices, many models also come with remote controls. Controls available vary from fan to fan, but they have the potential to regulate fan speed, timer settings, level of oscillation, as well as options for different ‘modes’ of air cooling.


Tower fans vs box fans

The sleek designs of tower fans make them a stylish addition to any space, be it in the home or office. Their small surface area also makes placement easy as they only occupy a small space, Prem-I-Air Elite Plus Slimline Tower Fanproviding a stark contrast to the wider and less practical box fans. Box fans are also not as aesthetically pleasing, and often look out of place in a room.

Tower fans are specifically designed to be as silent as possible, allowing you the greatest comfort without disruption. On the other hand, box fans and their oscillating blades can often produce a loud motor sound that can prove distracting. With tower fans, you can enjoy the benefits of cooler and fresher air without worrying that the sound will stop you from sleeping peacefully or be the elephant in the room during a conversation.

Box fans do not have the benefits of built-in purifiers, meaning they provide no protection against dust and pollutants. As well as being a cause for concern for allergy sufferers, this means there is no guarantee of good air quality with box fans. In this case, tower fans come out on top.

Tower fans are also unarguably safer, especially if there are young children around. The hidden blades and fine grill protecting the inside make it more difficult for poking fingers to get hurt. Although most box fans have a grill, they are often insufficient protection against the rapidly turning blades within.

One of the great things about a tower fan is the range of choices on the market. A simple search will present you with hundreds of fan options, giving you the power to carefully select a model that specifically caters to your lifestyle and needs. Whether you have specific allergies and want to keep the air especially filtered or need a device that will turn on as you wake for a refreshing burst of air first thing in the morning, tower fans have got you covered. Although cheaper, even the most sophisticated box fans do not provide the range of features available with a tower fan.

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